April 29th, 2010


I figured with my Swedish coming along pretty well, I would branch out and examine other languages in the Germanic family. So, I settled on Icelandic.

I am curious if anyone has any good Icelandic resources; they can be any resources (vocab, grammar, pronunciation, et cetera.),

I thank everyone in advance.

Japanese question

So, I was writing a letter to a Japanese friend the other day, and I kind of got stuck on this sentence:
"I felt as if I were an old lady." My guess is 「おばあさんのような気がした」but I really wasn't sure...somehow it seemed off or an anglicism.

Any opinions or recommendations are much appreciated.
misc - 月

name pronunciation

So, my name's Nastassja, and I live in the United States. As such, I get a lot of people who look at my name and ask me how to pronounce it. Unfortunately I have a bit of a speech impediment (from a cleft lip and palate), so usually just saying my name doesn't really help people pronounce it correctly. Lately I've tried telling people to just turn the j into a y, but still many people don't know how to deal with the name. So my question is, how would you pronounce "Nastassya"?

Also, if you happen to know how to pronounce this name, how would you recommend I tell others how to pronounce it without relying on my own ability to say my name clearly?

As a bonus, does anyone have a name that they feel is pretty easy for those in their country of residence to pronounce, but somehow is always mispronounced?