April 28th, 2010


I'm bored.

let's play shiritori (i just found out that the english for it is "word chain"=_=). not japanese but the universal one.
Let's use as many languages as we can!

the rules are:

(1)i give you a word, you continue from the last syllable / last consonant and vocal (ignore the pronunciation) and the next person continue from you and so on.
for example pure > repeat > attendance

(2)the game doesn't end even if the last letter is "n" or consonant. the game doesn't end at all until all of us get bored with it;p

(3)to accommodate every language, if the word you choose is in other-than-latin character then use latin character beside the original one.

(4)specify what language that word is and the meaning in english.

that's all the rules i can think of. if you want to add some just say so.
so, let's begin:D

first word:
"cocooan" co-co-o-an
language: sundanese (basa sunda)
in english: toys
aa Donald where's your trousers

(no subject)

I posted this on foreignlanguage, but I thought I'd try here as well...

One of my friends is getting married. She's from Hong Kong, and I wanted to write her, giving my congratulations and the like. I'd really like to do it in Mandarin, but unfortunately I don't speak it.

So could somebody here please translate this into Mandarin for me? If possible, could somebody also give me the pinyin and/or phonetic pronunciation?

Congratulations, [name]! I wish you the best of luck. Love, me.

Also, are there any traditional congrats or the like for those getting married?

Thank you, everyone!