April 26th, 2010

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New Maintainer

Hey all,

The linguaphiles maintainers have decided to extend an invitation to a member of this community to join our maintainer pool. He has accepted.

His name should be familiar to many of you; his name is muckefuck! Please welcome him!

muckefuck has been active on various language communities over the years. pne and I have known him since way back in the 1990s on Usenet. I was just in high school then, and if I'm old now (I'll be 30 next week :-\) then he must be hella old by now. I mean, how else does he know all those languages? ;-P

All joking aside, he has a degree in linguistics and has studied German, Korean*, Catalan, Chinese, Welsh, Irish, and Dutch.

We thank him for offering to lend the maintainers a helping hand.


*If you catch him Romanizing Korean this way, please do slap his 궁둥이.

Japanese Synonym Question

I'm going through a reference on rules for intonation in Japanese, and it seems to make distinctions between 接合, 結合, and 癒合, even though all of them effectively mean to combine or join two parts together. Can anyone offer some insight into the different shades of meaning attached to each word?