April 25th, 2010


Swiss addresses and phone books

Hello linguaphiles, I have a question about how Swiss addresses are constituted and how they're presented in Swiss phone books.

You see, I've fallen out of touch with a Swiss friend of mine and I thought I'd surprise her by sending her a letter (yes, I could email but I think she'd get a kick out of getting a real letter in this day and age). Since it's supposed to be a surprise, I simply looked up her address in a Swiss phone book online. However, I know addresses in Canadian phone books are incomplete and don't include the postal code; do Swiss addresses have a similar mechanism? Could I simply write the address I found and be assured she will get the letter? This inquiring mind would like to know.

Oh, and I just moved and don't have Internet yet so please don't be put out if I don't answer promptly. Yes, this is how I amuse myself on rainy Sunday afternoons with only sporadic Internet access from the neighbour's wireless.
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The Greek word "θέσι"

I'm working through the FSI Greek course, and in the fifth unit, the word θέσι(ς) is defined as "seat, class, position," and is used in the compound "πρώτης θέσεως" - "first class." I have two questions about it - which is more commonly said, θέσι or θέσις, and can it be used to mean a position of thought, as in the English word "thesis?"



I'm teaching some English classes now, and when we were talking about jobs a girl asked me how to say "azafata". She wasn't talking about planes, though, just conferences and events, so I didn't know if "hostess" applied. 5 minutes later another girl said she worked as an "azafata" on a boat and I just about gave up, but I want to give them some answers tomorrow, and dictionaries are confusing me. I'm specially looking for the male equivalents, and the "generic" term in case there's one. So, what would you call:

- a person employed by a boat company to see that passengers are comfortable throughout a trip, usually receiving and seating them, and sometimes serving them refreshments.
- a person who works at a conference, fair (or similar events) and gives out info and assists patrons in general.

Thanks in advance!