April 24th, 2010

Géill Slí

die deutsche Aussprache

Would the native German speakers here mind giving me very specific pointers on my pronunciation? I recorded myself reading the first bit from Der Vorleser, which you should be able to download from Google Docs. I know that my pronunciation is fine, so I'm not looking for the "Don't sweat it! Pronunciation isn't a big deal!" sort of thing. I'm really interested in stuff like, "your Ü is too narrow" or "your vowels glide into diphthongs" or "your W sounds terrible". Anything and everything you can help me with would be much appreciated.

I've recently become intent on honing my accent, and you here are the only people I know who don't find something like this completely tedious. :) So thanks very much for your help.

Pronunciation question

I have a question for native English speakers, might be a bit silly but I'm curious.

How would you pronounce the name Kristine? I always thought it would be read like Christine (/kri'sti:n/), but recently I've been told it's just as natural to pronounce it with the schwa at the end, like /kri'sti:nə/ (bit different from Christina, I believe).

It sounds a bit strange to me, so I'd like to know what you think :)
tsuki no usagi

meat basket

Please, urgent help needed.
In "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" series, there is a phrase I cannot make any sense of:

You're the troubled, narcissistic underachiever who can do just about anything from throwing a ball to wrapping a meat basket.

What is the 'wrapping a meat basket' thing? Is it an idiom of some kind or is it used in literal sense? Googling for 'meat basket' I found only references to actual baskets filled with various meat products, but I can't get why it was used there.

Thanks in advance.