April 22nd, 2010


Hi I have a rather strange situation here

I keep getting a call from Vietnam with a lady who keeps speaking Vietnamese to me. Can anyone tell me how to say you have the wrong number? I asked an online friend how to say it and she approximated it to be something like :

"co cau so phone lom", but I have no idea how to pronounce it. I know that Vietmanese has a lot of tones and I can speak Mandarin so can someone like try to break it down into something pronounceable for me? It'd be really really appreciated. She's called me 8 times by now and several in the middle of the night.

a? the?

Hi:) i wanna ask something about english.

"So go find that boy, the friend of mine"

is there any difference in meaning with

"So go find that boy, a friend of mine"

because i think if i make sentences like this, i will use "a" not "the"

it's from matt duke's song, spilt milk.