April 19th, 2010

Bon vivant
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Slavic languages

For my next language I want to start learning one of the Slavonic languages. I am thinking either of Bulgarian or Serbian as I am interested in the Balkans and I am surrently studying Romanian.
I'm just asking for people's advice or opinions on learning these or any of the other Slavonic tongues, also what materials would anyone recommend.

If anyone knows any online tools that would be especially good as I am stuck in an airport until UK airspace clears!


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I was wondering if anyone can think of any English words which combine Latin and Greek roots- like 'television'? I know I know some others, but I have forgotten them for now.

Also! I have a harder one: can you think of any words in Indonesian which have roots in two different languages? Like 'dwifungsi' is from Sanskrit and Dutch?

Much thanks!