April 18th, 2010

some chinese questions.

I'm not quite understanding the grammatical concept of 'something makes me ___.' and how to use this in Chinese. For example, to say 'something or this thing makes me think' would this be the right construction?

這 讓 我 覺 得....

Also, I think it's so interesting that the Chinese character for 'to think' 想 contains BOTH elements of the eye, and the heart - so why do they not use any of the radicals or components for brain or mind? Do you think perhaps, the Chinese idea is that we 'think' with our heart, rather than our mind?

Do other languages have similar ideas on this? Thinking with different elements or physical parts of our being. Just wondering what your thoughts were. =)

learning Italian online, free, with audio...

Hi! I'm thinking about heading to Italy (Rome, Pompeii, Ostia, Herculaneum) in September and would like to try to learn some Italian online, for free, with audio, before we go. I'm mostly interested in vocab that would be helpful for tourists -- numbers, food and drink names, 'how much?', 'please', 'thank you', etc. Well, that's where I'd like to start, but I'd also like to work with a program / web site that can take me further, since I have 5 months.

Does anyone have any recommendations?