April 15th, 2010


Translation Request

I was browsing a random forum when I came across this person's signature. The image caught my eye but I have no idea what the text says. So, just for fun and my own curiosity, can someone please translate this for me? I think it might be Arabic.

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If this is not appropriate, I apologize, and handle the post however you deem fit. I'm a lurker, not really a poster, so I don't have much experience with posting in this community. ^_^;

So, in the spirit of communities like hp_britglish  and britpickery , I've started a community focused on North American English and culture to those who are interested called usofeh . :] This is open to fandoms and plain curiosity alike, and I encourage people to join and not only ask, but to answer any questions that come up.

It's slow going right now, but it's just opened yesterday. XD The welcome post is a Hugh Laurie interview, so if anything go visit for that video. :D

Thanks for your attention, guys!