April 13th, 2010


sung Russian

A question to students of Russian language (preferably of intermediate or advanced level and being native speakers of non-Slavic tongues).
How hard do you find it to comprehend Russian when it is sung, especially in pop and rock song?
If possible, provide examples like "this artist's lyrics are easy to comprehend aurally and that one's are not so easy and some other one's are totally incomprehensible" :)

Italian Mussolini Quotes

For a project in my history class, my group and I are researching Benito Mussolini as a part of our WWII unit. I'd like to include some of his famous quotes in our presentation, and I would really like the original Italian version of these particular ones:

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I would try and find them, but my Italian isn't so good enough to search google-pages in Italian; I would be very grateful for anyone willing to find these for me! Thanks in advance!

Latin Help

I tried to work something out myself, but I understand very little about Latin, and nothing about the grammar, so I'm coming to you lovely people.

I am looking for a Latin phrase that translates (and it can be a very rough translation; I know Latin concepts/vocabulary can be limited in certain areas) to something along the lines of 'to make wild with passion' or 'to cause to become insane with passion'. The phrase is in reference to people or animals, and passion can be substituted for lust if necessary.

The only thing I've been able to come up with was 'Facio torva per votum', and I don't think it's grammatically correct or has the right connotations.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!
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No Hiragana. Kanji Only. Final Destination.

So I've had this vague question floatin' around my head over whether it's possible to write in Japanese using only kanji...but it felt sort of like one of those "stupid questions", so I never bothered to ask.

And then I saw this:

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Could somebody explain this "writing Japanese with just kanji" thing to me, please? I mean, just in general. I like linguistics, and I like Japanese, so...well, it's interesting, and I want to know more.