April 12th, 2010


teal deer

I recently stumbled across Know Your Meme's article on the tl; dr phenomenon. While, as a livejournal user, I already knew about "tl; dr" as a shortening of "too long; didn't read" and its patterns of usage and rejection, I had been totally unaware of the phenomenon of posting pictures of teal deer as a stand-in for the phonetic pronunciations of the letters t l d r.

While I generally disapprove of "tl; dr" and all things relating to it, I can't help but find find to be one of the most fascinating of the new linguistic phenomena I have encountered on the internet, in addition to yet one more confirmation of my thesis that internet communication has created a hotbed of lingual permutation.

Some of my other favorites include "lol :(", and "Also" (as the first word of a conversation).

What are some of your favorite and least favorite internet linguistic phenomena?
cindy pon

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I have a niece who's learning how to read. In school she's being taught that a capital letter i looks like this: I, but in many children's products, they use a font where it looks like this: I.

So, when faced with the name "FIFI" in a Hello Kitty game, she reads it out as "F-L-F-L."

I keep trying to explain to her that sometimes a capital i looks like that, but she doesn't seem to be getting it. I feel like manufacturers should be more sensitive to this and not use this font with this kind of I.

German technical jargon help

My husband's intern needs help finding the appropriate phrase for a translation from English to German. My husband and his intern are German, but for some reason this English phrase isn't reminding them of anything in German.

'Quality loss ratio' is the phrase they have, and they believe it refers to the ratio of the quality/usable parts produced to the poor-quality/unusable/scrap parts.

Any suggestions for a comparable German phrase? Thanks!

Of Some Interest

On the difficulty of learning English, I found this paragraph:

"You can watch a movie or see a movie, but you can only watch TV, never see it. You can’t view either of them, even though when you watch either of them, you become a viewer (and never a watcher, much less a seer!)"

Which about sums it up.

As a native English speaker, I've never considered how difficult synonyms are. I wonder what other things I'm taking for granted, but, either way, I thought this might interest someone else :)

Online Source Website Recs

A little bit ago, I asked if it would be all right to start a list of Music Recs that could be bookmarked, added on, and referred to others, so that there wasn't repetition, but everyone would have a fair chance in finding good artists to hear the language with. Now, dear linguaphiles, I've seen a great deal of repetition on online sources that are useful to learners and I'm sure you all are tired of typing the same ones over and over - hence a new rec list.

Websites to learn, immerse and practice with~

Collapse )
Always listen to Buck

Please translate one phrase into Hungarian

Dear Hungarian native speakers!

Could you please translate one phrase from English into Hungarian?

"Being a very modest person I can't insist that I'm very fluent in Hungarian"

Not necessarily word by word, but something like that. It should sound natural to a native Hungarian speaker, but it should be comparatively complicated and rather formal.

Of course I don't speak Hungarian at all so I want to learn this phrase by heart as a practical joke. I've already learnt simpler forms of this phrase, of course (like "I don't speak Hungarian").

Thanks in advance! :)
If you could make an audio record of this phrase additionally to the written form that would be even greater!

Intro Syntax Textbooks

Hello lovely community!

I'm an undergrad linguistics major in an introductory syntax course. We are currently using Andrew Carnie's Syntax: A Generative Introduction (2nd ed.) as our textbook. I was wondering what textbooks other university programs (or those who are teaching themselves!) use for introductory level syntax. Are there any you would particularly recommend?

Thank you!
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