April 9th, 2010

Punctuation Saves

German: Presentation Correction Request

Hi, I'm Ali and I'm in a first-year German class.  I have a presentation in an hour and a half and I had to add some details at the last minute, so my German professor didn't have a chance to correct it.  If anyone is on with the time and inclination, I'd appreciate if you took a look behind the cut =).  I'm hoping for technical corrections more than anything else, as I still have hard time with dative, accusative, and possessive pronouns; however, the vocabulary has to remain pretty simplistic for my sake and my classmates'.

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Thanks in advance for your time!

Quick French Check

I'm writing a small thank-you to my French teacher but it has to be at or under 25 words. (She taught my class Sartre, which explains the reference in the beginning.) How can I keep the general gist of this without getting above 25 words? Thanks in advance, lovely linguaphiles! Here it is-

Jean-Paul Sartre a dit que l’enfer, c’est les autres. Selon moi, l'enfer est la vie sans le français. Merci d’avoir me donné une vie pleine de français !

Edit- Thanks for the help, I've got what I needed! You guys are the best. :) 

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Techniques for learning a new language?

I`m sure this has been posted before, forgive me if it has. But I was just wondering what sort of techniques you guys have used for learning a new language from scratch. I`ve done something different with about every language I`ve studied, and I was just wondering which strategies you guys have found useful^^

Thanks in advance for your opinions and answers!