April 6th, 2010


One Question Survey

It's one question, but I don't think it's too easy to answer~

Why do you love languages?

For myself, it blows my mind away that other places of the world have a whole other set of sounds that make up their language - but those thoughts and words convey similar messages that can be translated. And more mind-blowing is the development of language, how it constantly evolves. The process of learning languages can extend to also understanding the history, the culture - everything. Simply put - it's beautiful.

What do you think?

French Corrections?

I'm working on translating things into French for a guild/forum I'm creating on another website (as I'd like to have a wide variety of available languages, I try and get translations for the major announcements, etc...) I do the French translations myself, but since I'm not a native speaker I make grammar errors and such ;; I was wondering if any French speaker could look over this translation and make any corrections (whether to make it correct or just to sound better).

Thanks in advance!!

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