April 4th, 2010


Kwaito video language?

Hi all!

I'm trying to do some research on kwaito, a popular South African youth culture/musical genre. Wiki says kwaito music is usually sung in Isicamtho, which I gather is a creole of various languages including Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho, and some others. I have found one of Arthur Mafokate's music videos whose title is in Zulu, but can anyone tell me what language the rest of the song is in? Is it Isicamtho, or some other tsotsitaal? Or just Zulu?

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And if you'd like to give me a rough translation, that'd be cool too :)

Thanks for your help!
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Hi there,

I'm reading the Magus by John Fowles. He often writes short dialogue without translation. So, the book has chunks of French, Greek, German and a little Latin. What are your feelings about fiction that features bits of different languages? I find it really pleasant, when done well.

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