March 16th, 2010

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Orwell's 1984 Swedish audiobook wanted

I have looked for it everywhere on the net but it seems to be available from Swedish libraries only. Since I'm not in Sweden, this is not in option for me. Is there anyone here who could kindly point me either to an online store that sells the audiobook or to a download? Or maybe someone from Sweden can borrow it from a library and share it? Many thanks in advance.
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Chinese place-name

In 1622 a squadron of Dutch ships was trying to sail to Xiamen Bay but was driven south to a place that was named by the commander as 'Hautausoua'. In a 19th Century Dutch book this name is transliterated as 'Ho-thau-soa' and is said to mean 'Tiger Head'. Does this make sense, and can anyone tell me how this name would be transliterated nowadays?

I would very much like to locate this place, which should be a small peninsula in the southernmost part of the coast of Fujian, some miles at least south of Xiamen.

Any help would be gratefully received. (I have just added an image showing the Chinese characters).

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les toilettes

Why is the french word for bathroom (WC) plural? Did the word use to mean something else? According to wikipedia, the word comes from "toile" but that doesn't really explain it's plural usage.