March 9th, 2010

Birth of Earth

translation request

Can anyone translate this into any languages other than French, Russian, German or Czech? Thank you!
I can't remember html to put it behind a cut, but if the length bothers anyone please let me know. :)

You are cordially invited to submit to the “this is visual poetry” full-color chapbook
series. To submit, simply follow these instructions.
Please note that these specifications are non-negotiable. Submissions that do not
conform to these specifications will not be considered. All submissions will receive a
reply within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please inquire (but
do not re-submit until you have inquired).
Here is what you need to send by email to
17 color images of visual poems of yours that are 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. Note,
it’s important that they be “portrait” not “landscape”. Meaning, that the perspective of
each image be taller than it is wide. If your images are not originally in this 3:4 ratio, you
will need to pad the image files with whitespace accordingly.
These chapbooks are printed in full-color, so please choose (or create) images that take
advantage of this.
Do not send a titled collection, as all books in the series will have the title “this is visual
poetry / by [visual poet name]”.
Previously published work is welcome, as long as you own the rights to reproduce it.
One of these images should be appropriate for the cover. Please name that image:
The other 16 images are for the inside pages. Please name them 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.
Titles, if any, to accompany the images. This should be in the form of a text list included
in the body of your email (not as an attachment) that matches up with the image file
names like this:
1. title
2. title
3. title
4. untitled
6. title
The text you put after the number is the text that will appear below the corresponding
image. So if you want the actual word “untitled” to appear you should list that as the
title. If you want no title whatsoever to appear, leave the numbered line blank.
In addition, please send one image of you that is 300 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall. Please
name this headshot.jpg. Please send an actual, relatively current, photo of yourself for
this. Please don’t send a baby picture, a cartoon, or a piece of visual poetry for this spot.
We really, truly, want to see your face.
A bio for you that is 80-100 words long. If you wish to title the cover image, provide
previous publication credits for any image, or make a dedication of any kind, it should be
included here.
Your name, exactly as it should appear after “this is visual poetry / by”.
Your complete mailing address for your payment copies.
The chapbooks will have no dedication page, no title page, no acknowledgments page.
This information will go on the back cover, under your photo.
Chapbooks are printed in full color. There is no bleed, all images will be surrounded by
If accepted, you will receive a pdf proof of your chapbook to approve before printing.
After proof approval and printing, you will receive 5 copies as payment. You will also be
able to purchase additional copies of any “this is visual poetry” title (including your own)
for 50% off.
If accepted, and you can translate this set of guidelines into a language not currently
available, we’ll send you another 5 copies as payment for that translation.

turkish story help?

I am trying to translate and explain syntactically a brief Turkish story I found. I was hoping someone might help me translate this short story and then answer some questions about some strange things that I notice are happening. Hopefully a native translation might be enough to answer the questions, (if the translations i've made are incorrect or missing details) so I'll hold off on asking them once I see what a native speaker's interpretation is.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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On A Whim

I was thinking about compiling a resource book for writers which would include commonly asked for phrases in other languages, but also how to utilize resources and translate for yourself. It would include mini grammar lessons, as well, because I find it challenging to pick up just any dictionary and be sure I know that what I'm looking at would be considered the proper translation. I'm getting a little ambitious because I also wanted to add further information on dialects. I also think some history is in order for at least one of the chapters. As well as linguistics, I think basic cultural background could be useful.... maybe I'm just thinking stereotypes, because this book is starting to sound a bit lengthy. 

If I  were to take on this project, it would take several years because I would like to do a proper job at it. So I need to know

1. Is there already a book like this?
2. Is it possible to write something like this and be accurate enough?
3. Would this lovely community like to offer any useful information or advice?