March 8th, 2010


Bad Latin (and Spanish) from Philippine Folk Catholicism

On a museum visit, I was able to copy down several different folk-Catholic prayers ("orasyones") inscribed on a 19th century undershirt to turn it into a protective talisman.

I thought that community members might find this interesting, since it's Latin and Spanish and Tagalog all mixed up in something that looks very messy, but was believed to have magical powers.

And, of course, I hoped that some of you might be interested in trying to translate some of it! I know almost no Latin, but it looks fairly mangled to me, and I'd be interested to see if anyone can make much sense out of the prayers! I'd also be interested in learning the gory details of the ways in which Latin has been mangled in them. :P
(Also feel free to tell me how Spanish has been mangled; I took several classes but am quite rusty!)

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So, what do you all think? Interesting stuff, huh? I'd heard of orasyones but never had the opportunity to see any before.

Help in French and Spanish needed

Hello, I am currently want to move my friends - nice artists from Barnaul (Russia) to "Off" Program of Avignon Festival. We already have some success, because we were invited by Polish festivals FETA - but we want to go to Avignon and then to Spain and finish our big trip at Сabo de Roca at Portugal.
I am not making off with Portuguese, but I read French fluently and this year I have started to learn Spanish, that´s why I would like to contact French and Spanish theatrical specialists on their own languages.

Plese, help me to write the Promo'letter to them without mistakes

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carry a towel

Stephen Fry

Hi everyone!
Have a question about Stephen Fry books. Everybody says that in his books there's absolutely wonderful sence of language. And I often hear him to be called "the successor of Wodehouse" .  I've read several  books of him but in Russian translation.  It was nothing special. But maybe it's just the problem with translation. (( So my question is: is he really such a good writer? What do you like\dislike about him? What should I read in the original to be impressed by his literature gift  as much as I'm impressed by his acting? )))) 

Japanese fan comic translation

Hi folks, so someone on another online community I'm on asked for help with the translation of the following Japanese fan comic about American superheroes. I know it's a lot of translating to ask for, just the general gist of it would be great, though I certainly wouldn't mind a line-by-line effort if it was offered. Remuneration in the form of gratitude and karmic reward is gladly offered.

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[solved]"Membership" in Mandarin & Modern Hebrew

Hey all, I have a teeny request -- for graphics-making purposes, I'd need the word "membership" (or any workable equivalent) in Mandarin, Japanese and Modern Hebrew (no transliteration, in Hebrew/Chinese/appropriate Japanese script.)

I would ask our affiliated translators, but I need it -right now- and I'm not sure I can reach them fast enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thank you very much in advance!

ETA: thanks to akibare and naatz who helped me clarify the request:

"Membership" as in: "static membership in a club" or "The fact of belonging to some group" (as a single, non-declined word, not as part of a sentence)

I apologize for not thinking of this right away!

ETA2: all solved, thank you all for your great help!