March 7th, 2010

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Short Paragraph in Catalan

I haven't been studying Catalan too often the past few weeks, so in an attempt to get back into the game I whipped up the following paragraph (I've also posted it at my Lang-8 Journal):

En els dias d'avui, la tecnologia es fa present en tots els aspects de la nostra vida. Las computadores,por exemple, han facilitat els treballs de moltes persones en tot el mund. La televisió i el telefón han revolucionat la moda que nosaltres comuniquem i compartem notícies i informació. Jo crec que és molt amusant saber que, al començ, les crítiques de la televisió vaig dir que no hi havia persona que es sentaria devant un aparell quadrad totes les nuits.

As a background note, I knew Portuguese, French, and Spanish before beginning Catalan (which I picked up rather quickly compared to all my other languages), and in fact, most of my Catalan vocabulary knowledge is made up of educated guesses based on the Portuguese, French, or Spanish word that I want to write. My reading (and, to an extent, listening) comprehension level in Catalan is much better than my writing abilities for this very reason.

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Language Recommendations?

I'm looking around for yet another language for me to learn; what are some recommendations? Preferably, I'd like to learn one that could be picked up fairly easily (for instance, I was able to pick up conversational Catalan in about a month and late-beginner/early-intermediate German in about a year, but I've set Arabic aside to be studied over the summer, when I'll have more time to pay attention to it). Here are the languages in which I already have some degree of skill:

A1: Dutch, Greek
A2: German
B1: Mandarin Chinese
B1/B2: Catalan (better understood than expressed)
C1/C2: French, Spanish
Fluent: English, Portuguese

Any recommendations? I'm open to just about anything :)

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In my textbook there's a text about baking a Sachertorte and I'm having trouble understanding this sentence:

"Zum Schluss wird der Eischnee vorsichtig unter den Teig gehoben..."

The problem for me is the verb "heben" and the fact that it's being used with the preposition "unter". How do you "lift/raise" eggwhites UNDER the dough? Can someone tell me what the sentence actually means?

EDIT: Thanks for the quick response

Learning Modern Hebrew

Hello linguaphiles,

I'm looking for the best resources to teach myself Modern Hebrew. Ideally, I'd like some sort of course that's preferably more grammar-angled than conversational, but obviously I'd ultimately like to be able to converse in the language. Online courses are good (paid or free), as are books with audio. But definitely a complete course that will teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I've googled online hebrew courses and see that there are plenty of them, but I have no idea which are any good.

Thanks for your help!

Advice re the Qur'an

I am aware that no translation is satisfactory, and the more I study the Greek New Testament the more I realise the dangers of translations, but I would like to know what translation of the Qur'an into English is least misleading. The one I have at present is the Penguin translation, but even I can see that it is so misleadingly awful that I have put it on my "Nutter Book" shelf. Can anybody make any suggestions about one reasonably accessible to someone in the UK that is somewhere near acceptable?

Two Interesting Finds

The first is an extremely easy-to-understand (and free) program to writing and using the Hindi alphabet. It guides you in the order of strokes, and also has the audio so you can hear it. I've fallen in love with it.

The second is, well, it's almost a joke, if it wasn't so damn informative:
Youtube Channel: Hot For Words
Do proceed with caution on that one - especially the "bitch slap" video, because it's extremely hard to explain that one.
Despite her, ah, unprofessional appearance, she has a sort of quirk, and it's easy to understand her lessons. Which is why I'm daring to link her on this community - because I am learning a lot from that Marina.