March 5th, 2010

Swedish prepositions

Hello! I was asked to do an activity in a beginning Swedish class tomorrow to help the students learn prepositions (which, if anyone knows Swedish, are quite tricky). Does anyone have any suggestions for games or activities I could do? Thanks in advance!

Italian for Beginners - Book Recommendations

Hi there.
I have a question and was wondering whether you had book recommendations for me.
My sister has decided to learn Italian by herself and has asked me about a book suitable for this task.

While I did have Italian at the university,  it was a intensive "crash" course with a book complete in Italian that depended on teacher-input, didn´t contain written dialogues and lacked an audio-cd, etc - so, clearly not the right thing.

We´re looking for a book that contains
a) texts/dialogues preferrably with an audio-cd to listen to
b) exercises and solutions
c) grammar part
d) vocabulary part
and is written for German beginner learners of Italian.

(If this rings any bells, similar to the Green Line school books for English.)

Latin question

My Mum is writing a book (because she is awesome) adapted from her PhD thesis on bullying in the arts (did I mention she is awesome?). She wants to know the following:

Don’t let the bullies grind you down

Translate as:
Tyranni non carborundum
(in the popular vernacular)

Or, maybe should I be more 'academic' and use:
Ne aspernandi animos tuos affligant?

Any help gratefully appreciated. :)
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similar tatar words to most frequent english words
this is now online only from 5:55 till 22:55 utc+3.
there are only 20 most frequent words yet, i will continue this ("to be continued"), "if the god wants" ("the god is willing"(?)). 2011-10-27 : change kukmara to kukmara-rayon in urls though it redirects automatically.