February 21st, 2010

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stock exchange and rogue trader

Please help decipher a couple of phrases from a text about a rogue trader who brought down a bank where he worked.

1."I'd made $10 million profit in the first week of February. [A fellow trader] hoped that if I carried on like that I'd clock up half a billion dollars a year profit: 520 million. The whole of the bank was only making 200 million, half of which was given away in bonuses. 'If [Z]'s doing that amount of business for that amount of profit, then shut down the rest of the bank,' he said. 'We're just overheads.'"

OVERHEADS - what does it mean in this context? I know the main meaning - "operating expenses" - but can't figure out the meaning of the word in this particular context.

1. "The bulk of the options I'd sold last year to bring in the cash premiums were in the money for me if the market stayed at around 19,000."
I am a complete dummy in stock exchange -- if the guy sold the options last year, how could they be "in the money" for him several months later? Please can someone explain to me in simple terms how it works (yes, I've googled and wikipedied:)))) ).

How many languages at one time?

Out of curiosity, what are the most languages you've studied at one time?

I'm currently taking French in college (and I want to be a French minor, I might double major if I have enough time, but I started taking French kind of late in my college career). I decided to study Zulu on the side and now after playing a second run through Okami it's sparked my interest in studying Japanese again. I'm already slightly familiar with the language, as I've studied it off and on since I was about ten.

I've never tried to learn multiple languages at once before, only one at a time. I was wondering what others have done. (And yes, this is totally a "time to show off" post for you guys! I'm sure many of you have tried to learn a lot at once... ) I'm also curious how successfully you learned them/how far you got in your studies.

There's probably been a post like this before, but I've been here several years and don't remember one and there's always new members every day!
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(no subject)

Yeah, this is another one of those "Which language should I study?" posts. Here is some background. I am native in English and fluent in Spanish. I took three inconsistent years of French before I started learning Spanish at age 12. I took one year of Latin in high school and three semesters of German in college.

I am considering French and Portugese. The main reason I am considering French is that I already have a background in the language and that could prepare me for learning it again as an adult.

On the other hand, I have no prior experience learning Portugese. There are, however, far more native speakers of Portugese than French in my area, so I would have far more opportunities to practice with native speakers.

I'm just exploring the idea right now. I'm not on a deadline.

"no accent"

My German teacher has mentioned quite a few times that in the Hanover area people speak German "without an accent". This is a concept that I just can't get my head round. Surely they speak with a Hanover accent?

What would be considered "accent free" English? And in other languages, what are the areas where the people speak with "no accent"? :)