February 14th, 2010

cindy pon

two Japanese questions

I've been watching the anime Prince of Tennis subbed and they pronounce the word "singles" like "shingles." Is there a reason why they can't pronounce the "si" sound?

Also, is "watashi" the longest version (most syllables) of "I" in any language?

ETA: Thank you, everyone, for your answers. :)

Translation in Polish please?

I'm drawing a picture, and I want the text that I put on it to be in Polish (because I love the language, but don't really know it). So I was wondering if someone could possibly translate this for me?

I stand in silence.
I open my mouth.
No one hears me.


This is the translation I got from google, but I'm sure it's incorrect...

Stoję w ciszy.
Usta moje otworzę.
Nikt nie słucha, Mnie słucha.


Help would be appreciated (^^)~