February 13th, 2010

( phèdre ) the angels' chosen ;

the kebra nagast

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there a way I could possibly track down online (or at the least a printed version) of the Kebra Nagast in either Ge'ez or Arabic? Both would be excellent, but I have yet to find translations that supply the original text; they all only have English, which is frustrating.
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Sims language

I've been thinking about how the Sims communicate -- to each other and to the player. Not just the verbal things, but also the symbols that occur in speech bubbles and especially in thought bubbles. Has anybody examined this is a more formal way? Sims fans have talked about it at length, trying to nail down more precise meanings and nuances for things. But it seems to me there's some primitive grammar going on -- it's not all just signs.

Peripheral English /ç/

I've noticed that I produce [ç] when pronouncing (a very few) certain words-- always marked by the digraph ch-- such as in Murdoch, loch (not so uncommon a pronunciation), and lichen. I don't believe it is universal among English sepakers, because I've been made fun of for it (namely the third example). Of course, then, I'd like to vindicate myself and prove that I'm not just weird.

Is this some sort of orthographic/foreign-loanword-ish hypercorrection, or does /ç/ actually occur in some modern English dialects/idiolects?-- other than, conservative versions of e.g. Scots, I mean.

EDIT: I am an idiot: loch and Murdoch have [x] (although lichen does have [ç])

Chinese Slang?

I was looking through a fun book full of Chinese slang when I came across expressions that were essentially numbers (pronounced in Chinese, of course) such as~

88 - would be read as "bye bye" (bā bā)
94 - would be read as "I agree"/"Agreed" (jĭu sì)
520 - would  be read as  as "I love you" (wŭ èr ling)

The idea was that the numbers spoken separately would sound like the expression provided.

The question: Have any of you lovelies heard of these or seen them? And, if so, would these be used for texting/chat?

Thank you for reading! ^^