February 12th, 2010

  • terrayn

French Translation

Hi all!

I've used several online translators but I get something drastically different back from each of them. Could someone help me translate this short exchange into French?

Grandmother: "But what is wrong? Why are you here? Has something happened to my daughter?"

Grandson: "No. Mother's fine. But we're being watched back in England."

Grandmother: "Barbarians! Well, tell me what you need. And also, who is this girl?"

Grandson: "Don't worry. We're not eloping. She's no one."

Thank you so much!
  • fixious

(no subject)

Is there a resource that discusses the prevalence (or existence) of rhyming in poetry in different languages? Or a large database/corpus of rhymed or unrhymed verse in a large number of languages? I'm particularly interested in the use of end-rhymes (what we traditionally think of as rhymes, e.g. measure/pleasure) rather than front or alliterative.
  • vero_ir

AmE/BrE lexical research

Dear speakers of AmE/BrE,

I wrote a thesis with the help of the AmE speakers of linguaphiles last year and according to my consultant it is worth publishing. Unfortunately I've got two weeks to do a follow up research so I will need your immediate help. I need BrE speakers to answer the following question, please.

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The following question if for both BrE and AmE speakers.

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Thank you very much for your help and one more thing.
Could you also please give me these additionial informations:

antecedents/ancestors (e.g French, Italian, etc.)
highest completed level of education
category of occupation (e.g. healthcare, marketing, etc.)
place of birth & place of living
and whether you or your family have moved from one place to another. If yes, please specify.

You can comment here or send me a message with your answers.