February 7th, 2010

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Police Clearance Certificate

Dear English speakers,

I have attempted to translate a police clearance certificate. It is very funny since it is supposed to be used abroad ONLY yet no English or other language versions are available. And I couldn't even find the English version of the names (let alone the texts) of the acts they refer to... Could you please check for me if there are any mistakes, anything that sounds odd...


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Can someone help translate the meaning of this song?

Hi there! I’m assuming this is Italian, and it’s something about having arrived in Rome, having dinner and wine, and a beautiful time, but except for the English and French parts, really, I have no idea. I only typed up the lyrics as it is. So, if someone can help translate the meaning of this song for me, I would be forever grateful. Thanks in advance! (^-^)♪

Arrivederci Roma

Arrivederci Roma
Goodbye Goodbye au revoir
Si ritrova a pranzo a
Squarciarelli Fettuccine
e vino dei castelli
Come ai tempi belli che
pinelli immortaló
Arrivederci Roma
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From the front page of the Euro Nikkei Shimbun for February 2 2010:


What is the significance of 真水 in this passage? I'm damn rusty so it might be staring me in the face, but I can't see its relationship with the rest of the text, and everywhere I've looked just has it as "fresh water".

Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT: Solved, thank you!
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The last person fluent in the Bo language passes away.

This is a recent news item. I do think it's sad when a language goes extinct.


Tinyurl at: http://tinyurl.com/ykjus8v

You hear all the time about animal species being in dagner of extinction, but you don't really hear the news ever that "the XXX species went extinct today". Yet languages do seem to be going extinct, and there are only 6 to 10 thousand of them, depending on how you clasify the languages.

I can see a future where there are only a few major languages.
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Forms of addresses in Arabic

What are words to address someone politely in Arabic (expecially in Egyptian Arabic) if you don't know or don't want to use someones name? Like Sir or Madam in English. Is there a difference between male and female addressees? Do they depend of age or relationship to the speaker? Are there words you can use to address children you don't know? Also, what are the words for mum, dad, gramma and grampa, when you address them?

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Not-quite-translation request for users of French versions of various browsers

If you have access to one of the following browser versions, and you're using/installed/selected (as appropriate) French for the menus and dialogs, could you tell me how the following (English) UI elements are rendered:

Warning: If you go through the following steps for your browser, this will clear your browser cache and maybe other stored browser data like cookies. Make sure you're not clearing your only copy of something you'd rather not lose.

Firefox 2.x and 3.0, Netscape 9.x:
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Cache" (checkbox in the dialog box)
- "Clear Private Data Now"
- "Clear Private Data..." (in the Tools menu)

Opera 9.x:
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Delete Private Data" (in the Tools menu)
- "Details" (in the dialog box)
- "Delete entire cache" (checkbox)
- "Delete" (button)

Safari 1.3, Safari 2.0:
- "Safari" (in the menu bar - I assume this is the same as in English, but just in case...)
- "Empty Cache" (in the Safari menu)

Thanks a lot to everyone who can help. :-) (This is to translate http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=160 to French, in case you're wondering.)

Moved to the end because someone answered for them already
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Internet Options" (in the Tools menu)
- "Browsing History" (the section in the Internet Options dialog)
- "Delete..." (the button in the section above)
- "Delete Browsing History" (the window title)
- "Yes" (in the confirmation window)
- "Close" (in the Delete Browsing History window)
- "OK" (in the Internet Options window)