February 3rd, 2010


Numbers, math and counting

Hey there,

For those of you who are equally fluent/comfortable in two or more languages, is there a default language you generally use for numbers, counting or math?  I am curious to know which languages you speak and which language you generally think in in terms of numbers.  Is it the same language as the primary one you use on the day to day?  Why do you think you use that language for numbers instead of your other language(s)?


Names for residents of different towns

I figured this was relevant to the community's interests :) and I can't find anything in the rules outlawing it.

I don't know the correct term for a "resident name", but the concept I am thinking of is the name used for a person, associated with a town. "Liverpudlian" for Liverpool is an obvious example. I came across a list of these for towns in France and French Canada ("Tri-fluviens" for Trois-Rivières, in Canada, was one) once.

I was wondering, firstly, if anyone knows what this concept is called; secondly, lists of names (in different languages), or articles about it?
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English wording + Korean translation

So, let's say you have a building that you need to fill with sleeping gas. Do you "insert" the gas? For me, the word insert needs to be coupled with something tangible -- like inserting a coin into a machine, for example. But I can't figure out what other wording to use here, other than "spray in" (which just sounds plain wrong).

Secondly, and a bit more straightforward, could anyone please help me translate some Korean? This is what I'm curious about:

'난 그녀석이랑 달라!'
장난? 그한마디로 끝임?