February 2nd, 2010

an English semantics question

So today my roommate and I were talking about the words
ambiguity (or, something being ambiguous and obscurity (or, something being obscure) and of COURSE, a third synonymous term crept up: opaque.

she says that all three words:

1. ambiguous
2. obscure
3. opaque

are ENTIRELY different concepts.

I agree that while they can be defined in different ways, there is also room for similarity, that is: these words can ALSO serve as synonyms.

What do you guys think? How would you discriminate clearly amongst these three words?

Thanks guys! =)
  • solri


If there are any speakers of Brazilian Portuguese here, could you tell me if the reference and connotations of jogo are the same as the English "game" or whether it is a more general term (like German spiel or Turkish oyun, for example). I'm particularly interested in the case of capoeira, which is described as "jogo" in Brazil ("jogo" is one of the more common words in capoeira songs) but probably woudn't be described as a "game" in English.

Keyboard Functions - Accents

If this is not an appropriate area to ask, I will immediately delete this.

I have a mini laptop that makes accents a complete pain to insert - and it makes it hard to become motivated to interact in, say, Spanish when you're so handicapped. Normally, I just do ALT+xxxx (whatever be the combination), but the laptop doesn't have that separate numpad. You have to press a button, then access those keys, which makes it difficult. So I thought buying a separate numpad would simplify the whole thing. Ha. So here comes the question.

*Is there anyone with a similar problem?
*Does anyone happen to have the same product and know how to use it? ((I did ask the Tech guy, and it sounds like it won't work))
*How do you handle accents? ((Is there a whole separate trick?))

Any information would be awesome :)