January 18th, 2010

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Basque as root of all languages?

Hello everyone,

Some years ago on the internet I stumbled upon a website by a man who believed that Basque was the root of all languages, and gave examples of how a word in various languages sound somewhat like other Basque words. For example, I think he said that the Japanese word for tree sounded like "Chop me" in Basque, or something to that effect. It was pretty much the greatest tinfoil hat moment in linguistics I had ever seen.

Does anyone have a link to this website, or know who it was that wrote it?

Thanks in advance!
durk ted

Everybody likes fairies

If this doesn't belong here, tell me, and I'll get rid of it.

I've been trying for months to get a little more information on a particular Irish fairy. They're either called Dubh Sidhe or Fiach Dubh; all the information I get is that they're often called 'the Black faeries' or just 'Ravens', although putting either of those in a search engine lands me in late nineties goth websites. Using the Gaelic names gets me tons of information, but none of it in English. Does anyone knows another name they're known by? Or a few books that might be relevant to my interests?

translating slang / euphemisms for death

I'm doing Chinese to English translations, and trying to keep the original tone is pretty hard.

Does anyone know of a good way to translate 死翘翘? I could just go with "dead", but is there perhaps an English euphemism that has a similar feel? As far as I know, 死翘翘 is informal slang that's kind of humorous or childlike. I think it can also a bit of a cute or innocent way to refer to death in certain contexts, but would be really rude when talking seriously about the concept.

Kicked the bucket? Croaked? Pushing up daisies?

Learning Icelandic

Hey all,

I'm trying to learn Icelandic and am currently trying to translate the term literally:


which means politician.

maður means person/individual
stjórn means stars

Is anyone able to help me out on the mála, or does it not exist?
If it does not exist, what would be the literal translation of málamaður?

Edited to correct a minor accent.
red ember

A German drink

Some of my friends from Germany once let me try their favourite drink - it's a mix of Fanta, OJ and (if I remember correctly) Coca-cola. I've been trying to remember the name of this drink, but I can't and it bugs me. Can you help me?

Could somebody please translate this into English?

I regret now for the almost the first time in my life that i don´t know Hungarian.
I´m a big fan of Alan´s and so I need to know:-)))
and i read the book Villa Golitsyn (Medak is filming it) and Alan is so good for the role. So please help me and translate the sentences for me.
There are many people who would be grateful to you, not only myself.

Alan Rickmant látni megtisztelő

"Január 7-én reggel 9 óra után a Váci utca egyik híres szállodája előtt gyönyörű fehér Lexusra lettünk figyelmesek a barátnőmmel, ami tőlünk 50m-re állt meg. Ahogy közeledtünk, láttuk ahogy kiszállt két úr. Az egyik körbenézett, majd kinyitotta a kocsi ajtaját és kiszállt Piton (Harry Potter). Én nem ismertem meg először, de ahogy a barátnőm mondta, hogy tudod, ki ez, akkor döbbentem rá, hogy ki is ő. Jópáran voltunk az utcán, de mindenki észrevette, és megtisztelve éreztük magunkat, hogy meglátogatta kis országunkat. Sietősen bementek a szállodába. Kicsit szomorú arcot vágott, és nagyon nem hasonlit filmbeli alakjához" - jelentett isihawaii Alan Rickmanről, aki nemrég a magyar származású Peter Medakkal dolgozott együtt [1].

what does it mean?