January 4th, 2010

  • bonsly

Spanish Conditional with the Imperfect.

This question has been bugging me for the past month or so but couldn't post for lack of internet, but I digress.

How correct is the following sentence (sans accents):

Yo iria mucho a la playa cuando estaba joven.

"Iria" being the Conditional and "Estaba" the Imperfect. As if you didn't alredy know.... Anyways, for me, it sounds good but I have a nagging feeling it isn't right. But I remember hearing some people, mainly older ones, using this sentence structure. I know that the correct way would be:

Yo iba mucho a la playa cuando estaba joven.

So am I right with the first sentence or should I just completely forget about every using said sentence structure. And if it is a correct form, is this typical in any other Romance languages? I remember something similar in French to say something like, "If so and so got dressed better, so and so couldn't make fun of him." I believe it was also the Conditional and Imperfect but am not sure.