December 31st, 2009

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Flash Card, defender of the Earth

I checked tags and didn't see this: I'm trying to make up a set of flash cards for vocabulary. How can I find/generate a good starting word list, about 300-1500 words? And should it be closer to 300 or 1500 to start? Those are both arbitrary numbers.

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Chinese(?) (Funny)

I'm surprised that this hasn't made it here yet. It's an assignment. Presumably the instructor did not expect it to be actually written in Chinese (I hope this actually is Chinese; otherwise, I'll look pretty stupid)...

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(Translations welcome.)

Stolen from kadath

EDIT: You're of course all right. If this is an assignment for a Chinese class, it's not exactly funny. I assumed it was for an anglophone history class...
from a painting

Beginner's Greek Writing

I've been studying Modern Greek since the end of November in the little free time I've had, and after about a month of studying, I've come up with this very simple "short story:"

Στην Αθήνα είναι ένα όμορφο και μεγάλο πάρκο ποθ είναι "Παναθήναια".
Πολύ κοντά στον αυτό πάρκο είναι ένα θαυμάσιο εστιατόριο.
Εκεί, η λεμονάδα με πάγος είναι ένα καλός μεζές.
Αλλά οι σερβιτόροι είναι απαίσοι! 
Αλλά έχω ένα φίλο που είναι σερβιτόρος, και αυτός δεν είναι απαίσος.

Any and all corrections would be greatly appreciated :)  ευχαριστώ!