December 24th, 2009

Firefly - Not All Who Wander

Need tattoo help.

I'm looking to get another tattoo in kanji* (like the one in my icon! :) but I want to make sure I have the characters right.
*I'm still unsure whether this is "kanji" or something else. It's the supposedly mandarin chinese from the side of the Firefly class ship in Firefly/Serenity, the characters mean "peace" and "tranquility" which loosely translates to Serenity. I'd like something in the same language, but either Chinese or Japanese will do. Any non-english lettering will do, but I'm looking for something similarly picturesque.

I need another two-character tattoo so it balances. I want it to say "polyamory" or some variation on the theme. I was looking at "many" and "love" in kanji, but then I wasn't sure if using those literal translations together would form something like "giant slut".

So I'd like to know how "many" + "love" would translate, if there is a Chinese/Japanese term for consensual non-monogamy, and any suggestions for a two-character tattoo in the said theme. Any help would be appreciated :)
「stock」★ your aura captivates me。


My friend posted a Facebook status saying that he was back in Southern California, which would be surprisingly early for winter break, and five or six of us have commented on it saying just "already??" Another friend posted "なにー??" (which he and I are aware doesn't translate to "already??"), which got me wondering as to how to say "already" in the sense that we're using it in other languages. The direct Spanish translation would be "ya", and the Chinese translation would be "已經", but both don't have quite the same meaning as "already"; my friend who posted in Japanese said that "もう", similarly, sounds awkward, and my boyfriend added that "sudah" in Indonesian isn't the same, either. "なにー??" and "真的??" capture our confusion but not the way we've basically been copying and pasting each others' responses.

How would you translate "already??" into other languages in a way that's both grammatical and felicitous (in the linguistic sense)?

any good book recommendations for modern Hebrew?

Since my university doesn't offer any courses in modern Hebrew, I'd like to find a halfway decent teach-yourself book until I can find an actual class on it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything on my own yet -- does anyone have any good recommendations for a teach-yourself type book for modern Hebrew? I'm fuzzy on the alphabet (both script and print) since it's been years since temple school, so anything that has a section on learning the alphabet is a huge plus, but not necessary. If anyone could recommend a good alef-bet workbook too that'd be great.