December 17th, 2009


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The Band: Bizi (Or Bizii) (Peas in Hungarian)?

Heya everybody!

This is a really obscure question about a really obscure band. I wish to know if there is someone who can translate the Hungarian webpage, second link down, into simple text for me; that is, also click on one of the song links and go to the webpage it directs you to, and translate that for me. (OR) I want to know if anyone can find me some music by the band Bizi(i), specifically a song called Tokyo dreams. The thing is impossible to find, and my girlfriend really likes the band, and I kinda want to get it for her as a Christmas present. Any help, or none, is appreciated regardless. I'm supplying links to help out any those who know the band.

This Cd in particular is a pain: Bizi - Boom Boom Room (Promo)

Scandinavian Departments

 Hello.  I have an inquiry. 

I've been learning German for the past 5 years, and recently I've began my journey into the world of other Germanic languages. At the moment, I have begun my study of Swedish;  I find it to be an extremely interesting language, and very pleasing to the ear.

I was actually wondering if anyone had a list of universities/colleges, in the United States, that have Scandinavian departments (offering Swedish or Norwegian). Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I've tried Google, and it's not very helpful.