December 9th, 2009

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English punctuation

I’m struggling with a possessive apostrophe question. If the name of a company contains a plural as its final word (e.g. Super Eggs), does the possessive apostrophe follow the plural form (Super Eggs’) because the word is plural, or the singular form (Super Eggs’s) because the company itself is a single entity?

LATE EDIT (sorry, I don't seem to be getting comment notifications): I'm very familiar with the normal rules of possessive apostrophes, and fall strongly in the camp of singular names ending in s take a "'s" possessive (e.g. Chris's) (although, as others have pointed out, the biblical figures Jesus and Moses are treated as exceptions for some unknown reason). Super Egg's is clearly not the answer, and never entered into the discussion. Anyway, missing the notifications, I went with Super Eggs' (obviously with real company name) because a friend told me that is what his MLA Guide suggests. But thanks for all your input!
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Latin Translation

Hi :) I'm making a Christmas present for a friend of mine, and I'd like it to say "I love you like a brother" in Latin. I realize this is probably pretty simple but I don't know a thing about the language and she does, haha. So I can't exactly ask her, and I don't want to mess it up by just putting it in a translator or something. So any help would be appreciated. Thank you! <3

Wishing to learn Korean and Japanese....and if anyone speaks Chinese

I am new to this community but I studied Chinese in Taiwan for a year and have just gotten back into the US. My problem is that no one in my town speaks will someone talk to me in Chinese please (sorry i would type Chinese right now but i need someone that would also be able to read Englsih so that I can learn more words). Thanks!

For the next part I would like to start learning Korean and Japanese and while next semester I will be learning Japanese my school had to cancel the Korean class...\(ToT)/ So any help would be appreciated in how to start learning the languages. Thank you so much!
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Hello, I'm working on some extra credit for my French class, and have chosen to write upon an album of one of my favourite musical groups, and would greatly appreciate if someone could give a quick proof-read...

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Thank you!