December 8th, 2009

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German translation thingy


German speakers, can I ask for help please? I sold something on ebay to a person in Germany...and she hasn't messaged me, responded to my messages, or paid me since the sale ended a couple days ago. I'm wondering if the language is the problem. Can someone please tell me how to say, "Hello, I have not heard back from you regarding the artbook. If the language is a problem, please let me know so I can find a German speaker. Thank you"? Thank you!
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Some German help?

I have a German presentation to do in a few days and i've pretty much finished it but I was wondering if i could ask a German speaker to have a quick look over it for me?

I usually ask the German students at school but they've all gone back home for Christmas. I'm not looking for anything too in depth (that'd be cheating i think) i just need someone to have a look and point out any sentences that make no sense whatsoever or any vocabulary used incorrectly etc..

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Any help is really appreciated and try not to judge the grammar too much lol cuz it aint great
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Ukrainian(?) help

Hi, I just watched "Everything is Illuminated" recently (I'm a huge fan of the novel), and while I know that what's spoken throughout the film is a more Russian form of Ukrainian, I was hoping someone could help me out with one of the pieces used in their soundtrack.

It's got a rather gypsy flare to it, but the language is Ukrainian, I think. If not, then it's Russian, but I only just started Russian so I'm not very premium familiar with it.

Could someone maybe give me the lyrics and translation of this song? I've been digging through the internet, but my search has been unsuccessful thus far.

Spanish question

For a project I'm working on, I need a generic/plausible name for a sort of pan-South American newspaper. Nothing that sounds as though it's pushing a certain agenda, but more a sort of newspaper-of-record sort of thing. Catch is that I don't speak any Spanish or Portuguese, so I'm hoping you clever people can help out.

I know "South America" translates literally as "America del Sur" in Spanish, but how that would work out in something like "The Times of South America" (or "The News of South America" or so), I'm not quite sure.
Bonus points if there's a name anyone can come up with which would at least be understood by a Brazilian, even if they would use slightly different words themselves.
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(no subject)

I've got four headlines without context and I'm supposed to find out how they could be translated into German. While I've been able to figure out three of them, I'm having difficulties with the fourth one: Corner Office Crawl. Is there such a thing as an office crawl? If so, what exactly is it? Help, please? :)