December 4th, 2009



I've recently become obsessed with Jason Derulo (two dots on top of the "u"), but I can't figure out what his last name means or where it's from. Any ideas?


I found these lyrics from an otherwise Estonian song and the context implies that it's Japanese:

Anataga hoshi
Subetega hoshi

Anataga hoshi
Subetega hoshi
Ubarate kokoro

Basically, I'm curious if this really is Japanese or just sounds like it, and if it is then what it says.

Dialectical variety

A poster on an online forum I read said the following:

"There is far more dialectal variety in Britain than there is in the US, and except for African and Yiddish imports American English hasn't innovated very much."

Is he right? I find it hard to believe. I know there are many regional accents in the UK, but it would seem like there'd be even more in the US. But even if I'm wrong about that, it can't be true that African and Yiddish words are the only contributions to American English. We (in the US) have immigrants from all over the world, and words from their languages have made their way into common US-English usage. What about all the other Europeans (not English) who emigrated here? People from Asian countries? American Indians?

I'd love to hear some opinions on this, as well as any statistics (or references to online information) on various linguistic influences on American English. Thanks!

Hindi-English dictionary

I've done some Google searching, trying to find a decent, reliable Hindi to English dictionary. All the ones I find are really subpar... the best one I've found offers a dozen different translations for simple words without any indication whatsoever of why or in what context they would be used. I look up house and get karkhaanaa, kul, kothii, gruh, and then FINALLY I get to ghar (before twelve OTHER entries), which I found out was the word I was looking for since I thankfully know a couple of Hindi speakers. ALL of these entries simply say "house" and the part of speech. All but five are nouns.

This is useless. Does anyone know of any better resources for looking up Hindi words online? Something like WordReference, maybe, where they actually appear to be trying?

Any help is greatly appreciated!