December 3rd, 2009

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Ja Twa

What is Ja Twa? I saw it as a language option while filling out a form on the Los Angeles website. I tried to look it up but just got people asking how to spell bastardized French words.
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Anachronistic Latin

I've sometimes seen modern concepts translated into Latin, usually for humorous purposes. Such are my purposes.

How would I say, "[computer] programmer beware"? I'm thinking "caveat scriptor" (with the added bonus that "scriptor" sounds like leetspeak.) Any other suggestions?

Any Turkish speakers in the house?

A friend recommended this community as a place to find help with a Turkish word that's baffling us. It's used on the German soap that we translate -- we can handle the German, and usually with the help of Google translator + context we can figure out the Turkish, but this one is just a puzzler.

In context, one character is complaining about her family and her boyfriend says he could get his brothers to beat everyone up, and she replies "then the [shöpaz? çepaz? shöpas?] would be over." So we're thinking it's something like "drama" or "idiocy" or "trouble", but none of those meanings are churning out anything remotely close. Here's the 15 second sound clip where they use it. Repeatedly. (Note: this conversation is mostly in German -- the word that we're trying to figure out is used at the end, and repeated several times. I included the conversation around it for context.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

ETA: Thanks for all your help -- you folks are amazing! We're thinking that it's a mispronunciation of 'Spaß'.
the everlasting (ele_309 made this!)

i normally wouldn't do this...

a co-worker is trying to get help in translating the following into french:

This person is traveling from Seattle/ Tacoma (SEA, United States) to Warsaw (WAW, Poland) on December 4th /5th with a plane change in Paris (CDG). If she has given you this letter then she is in need of help.
Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak English (speaks polish only) and would be extremely thankful for any help during her transit stay at the Paris Airport.
Any help you can give to help her get to Seattle/Tacoma (information about the flight bellow the letter) would be sincerely appreciated.
If any problems occur please inform one of the following people:
VB (daughter) – USA phone number:
CB (son in law) – USA Phone number
We both speak English and Polish and would appreciate any help you can provide to TK.

i don't know french, so cannot help him a whit. would anyone be able to help out with this? many thanks!

eta: looks like he found someone to help, so please disregard :)



I recently acquired a dress from a japanese brand, and the print includes some hebrew blurbs (go figure).
Could anyone kindly tell me what they mean?

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Sorry for posting something so thoroughly boring in the midst of all these interesting discussions, and thank you for any help you can provide ♥

Answered, thanks!