October 31st, 2009



Hello Hive Mind!

A friend of mine posted these comments, presumably in Turkish, on one of my facebook pictures. If it helps, the picture is of a latrine (which our camp calls a "lala"). I don't know any Turkish and help would be much appreciated!

Comment 1:
bizde varız sonuna kadar tüm sülalecek.

Comment 2:
atamızın kesip attığı ayak parmağının serçe tırnağına kurban olsunlar olumsuz konuşan düşünen herkes dahada ne diyim anlıyanlar anlasın.

Learning a Language

Pick a language you consider yourself fluent in, either natively or as a second language, and think of the one piece of advice— one sentence, maybe two if it requires more explanation— that you think would be most important for someone learning that language. I'm interested to see what kinds of similarities there are across languages when it comes to difficulties or points that tend to trip people up, so it would be best if this piece of advice is as specific to the language you've chosen as possible (i.e. it's not a technique that could be applied to most any language). This isn't for a class or anything, just for my own personal interest. Thanks!

An article from TIME magazine.

Hello hello everyone in this community!

I've been reading this article from Time magazine, and wondering what exactly they'd like to say.  I'd appreciate it if you give me some explanations to make me understand..  Sorry it's about two pages long so I can't quote them all but the following passages are from 'The greening of consumer electronics' , which is talking about energy efficiency on computer and its environmental activities.


'Shapiro points to Intel, whose new microprocessor are designed to use 40% less energy to generate 40% more power than the previous generation of chips - just 18 months old.  Dell itself has rolled out a new desktop that is up to 70% more efficient than the average PC - an attractive quality for server farms, the computer banks that make up the backbone of the Internet, which have grown increasingly energy hungry in recent years.  Reducing energy consumption does a lot for carbon emissions - but even more for the balance sheet of IT companies.  'The total cost of powering a server over its lifetime is beginning to outpace the cost of the computer itself', says Arrbogast.  'Customers are going to demand innovation on this - for the environment and for efficiency.


1) What is 'server farms '. I researched it and now I kind of understand but would you be kind to explain more for me?

2) What is 'the computer banks? '

3) 'energy hungry'. …does it mean that server got into the situation in lack of energy?

4) This quote: 'The total cost of powering a server over its lifetime is beginning to outpace the cost of the computer itself''....., cost of the computer itself…. Server power's cost outpace the computer's cost? what cost, manufacture cost or to buy? or to maitain?


Thank you very much in advance!

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English passive

I would say that I'm pretty decent in English tough by far not as perfect as I could be. Recently I started a new school with a new English teacher who - in my opinion - really isn't that good in teaching English. He is making so many mistakes that I as a student just shake my head. I gave up on correcting him but a couple of days ago we got into an argument that ended with him almost throwing me out of class because I criticized him. We were talking about passive sentences and how to form then into active.

I think the original sentences was something like: His car won't be allowed to be driven by anybody. (just rephrasing, can't remember the exact words)
I suggested the active sentence: Nobody will be allowed to drive his car. And my teacher told me that was wrong. It should be: Anybody won't be allowed to drive his car. I told my teacher that I never heard such an expression and that I think that you could say mine, too but he said - Nope, I was absolutely wrong.

Now my question is, is the grammar in this sentence right?

Anybody won't be allowed to drive his car.