October 22nd, 2009


Turkish Understanding in German Prisons

Does anyone know where I could find information on Turkish-speaking prison inmates or translators in Germany? I'm interested in comparing the prevalence of Turkish among German inmates and their treatment and level of German fluency with the treatment and English language fluency of native Spanish-speaking inmates in rural parts of Virginia and West Virginia. Basically, I'm trying to find out the typical level of Turkish fluency among German prison guards and whether or not there are specific training courses offered to prison guards for learning basic Turkish. 

Thanks in advance!


Country names


Could you tell why there is so strange situation with country names:

Why Ukraine, if we call it Ukrajina, why Russia, if Rossija, why Polana, if Polska, why Georgia, if Sakartvello?:)

online language classes

Hi all,

I've been thinking about signing up for Master Chinese, an online program to learn Chinese since where I'm currently living, (a small city in Taiwan) there aren't many opportunities to find Chinese teachers or classes offering Chinese.

So, what would you guys recommend in this situation? So far I've been having to teach myself as much as I can from audio podcasts, but I think I need something much more formal and academic - that will really take me through the foundations. I've never had a formal Chinese class before so I think I need something like that!

The online classes are usually done through Skype but if one doesn't have a microphone, they conduct lessons via telephone as well, and set you up with the computer program kind of like a PowerPoint thing, where they go over slides, highlighting words, etc - and you follow along.

My long-term goal is to learn to read and write, as well as speak fluently. I'd love to hear your opinions on this - thank you!
moulin rouge - toulouse-lautrec

I asked on whatwasthatone and they told me to come here.

I'd like to know the name of a song that was in Luis Buñuel's 1950 movie, Los Olvidados. This is the song that Don Carmelo, the old blind man that helps Ojitos, sings at the marketplace for money when the street gang tries to steal his purse. The lyrics I could get from that scene are:

"...hacia tu puerta llega
y se anida
en tu pecho un cruel sufrir
cuando la amarga cena te devore
acuédete de mí, y olvídame después
más si el dolor hacia tu puerta llega
y se anida en tu pecho un cruel sufrir..."

This song is sad and is associated with Porfirio Diaz' era, according to Don Carmelo in the movie. Anyone?

Turkish birthdays

I'm a NICU nurse in the US, and recently I've been taking care of little preemie Turkish twins. They're about to turn one month old, and I wanted to make a sign for their isolettes or a little card or something similar. Googling "happy birthday in Turkish" yields Doğum günün kutlu olsun! - is this correct? Can it be used for a one-month birthday, or does it denote being a year older? Is there something that more nearly means "Happy one month!"?


(no subject)

could someone, please explain me the exact meaning of the word "беспредел" in this otherwise very good song

Seems that Ukrainian meaning of беспредел is very different from Russian (a violent behavior of a criminal group contradicting to the traditional customs and laws of criminal)