October 13th, 2009


Singing in ASL

Found this while browsing Facebook, thought the community might be interested. I have an aunt who's very much into the deaf community up in Freemont, CA, so I was familiar with the basics of how deaf poetry worked, but it's definitely interesting seeing the concept in application (even if in this case it's more a translation than a native piece of poetry). Anyone know of similar, well done examples of ASL poetry?
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persian and arabic?


I am planning to go to grad school focusing on middle eastern studies. ive always been interested in this region --- but in order to do that, i need to study some middle eastern languages which i have never done but always wanted to .... so my question is ... is it possible to study both arabic and persian at the same time? I know they have different roots but they share a similar alphabet system ... so is it doable? thanks.

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Why sci-fi writers love to use apostrophes when they try to simulate alien languages
Take any sci-fi book or movie ("Babylon-5", "Star trek", for example), Romulan or Vulcan language.
Book of G'Quan, G'Kar, T"Pau etc
What does these apostrophes mean? Is it the unaspirated-aspirated stop consonants as in Wade-Giles system?
Why sci-fi writes think that aliens speak as Asians?
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Thank you so much!

There are a bunch of responses on the "illiteracy" thread and I unfortunately don't have time to respond to each one individually, but THANK YOU! This will help me out so much.

(Please do keep them coming, if you have a translation in any other languages, preferably non-Germanic/Latin ones; I'm thinking of introducing a "there are many writing systems in the world" angle to the project.)

If you're all willing to humor me further, I already have some other possible questions and word/phrase translation requests along the same vein in mind, though they'll only be coming later this week or over the weekend. (We're doing a motion graphics project, and I've never worked with After Effects or Flash before, so I need to see what the software allows and what I can figure out how to do in the next two weeks.)

And if you happen to be interested in seeing the final product, drop me a line and I'd be happy to show it to you once it's done. :) Again, thank you all very much for your help!


World's most difficult language?

Hi there. I'd like to know everyone's opinion on world's most difficult language and do you think Korean is the second most difficult language in the world? I had a discussion this afternoon with my friend who is a Korean and she insists that Korean is the second most difficult language in the world which is after Arabic and that Korean has most tones and ways of pronunciations. While I'm not an expert or even excellent in the field of linguistics, I do know that Korean is not the language having most tones or pronunciations. However, I'm beyond the ability to prove my believe to her. And, err, she's a bit proud of being Korean and that Korea is the best in academics in Asia. I'm not trying to argue with her, but I have seen before different rankings based on languages' difficulty. I would like to know a ranking that's most trustworthy and prevailing that everyone would more or less agree on.

Thanks in advance for your reply! :)
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Swedish Phonology

I've recently gotten very into the Swedish band [ingenting], and I've decided that I want to start learning Swedish. I'm trying to learn the phonology first, so I thought a cool little way to do that would be to transcribe one of [ingenting]'s songs into IPA. I only had Wikipedia and one other little site (which didn't actually have IPA trasncriptions) to go off of, so I know I probably messed up in about a billion different places. I am especially in the dark about short vs. long vowels. I've gathered that any vowel before a double consonant is short, but I don't know what other contexts make a vowel short.

So basically, I would really appreciate it if anyone familiar with Swedish phonology could look over this and point out my mistakes. Here is the mp3 file for the song if anyone would like to listen to it.

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(Oh, and if the Unicode characters end up not showing up let me know and I'll make a jpeg or something.)
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English radio programmes

I just wanted to ask whether any of you know some interesting English radio programmes about culture I can listen to in the Internet? I would be interested in programmes in British English, I want to improve my skills by listening to the radio.
Thanks in advance for your help!