September 27th, 2009

Hebrew help needed

Please, help me to get some genealogical information for Rabinerzon family who have been demolished in Holocaust time in Kovel, Ukraine
I was told, that there some information about Rabinerzon family
On page 80 this information is in lines 6-13 

at page 106 line 18 to 29.

Please, translate it in English, German , French, Polish or Russian - every European language, except of Hebrew.
Thank you!
i wolde i knewe

(no subject)

Hello! I'm looking for a decent discussion of the (phonological) history of Afrikaans, preferably one that isn't hidden inside a book that costs £350.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

French -> Eng

" La mécanosphere fait partie de la nature dans ce sens elargi de meme que la responsabilité humaine du contexte exislentiel dans lecquel on est."-- Mecanosphere partakes in nature just as human responsibility partakes in the existential context in which one is"?