September 25th, 2009

QFG Bonehead
  • elena


An Onmoraki is a demon spirit that is made from the spirits of the freshly deceased and is shaped like a bird, for context. The kanji, I believe, is as follows:


Could someone break down what each kanji translates to, or what the components of the word mean? Thank you!

Asian languages and calligraphy

I love the art of calligraphy, and I am curious to know if Vietnamese culture has ever made use of this art form?

I know they use the Roman alphabet for reading/writing, but I wondered if nevertheless they were influenced by these other Asian cultures (or any others for that matter) and had developed their own unique form of calligraphy.

Thanks guys =)

Osaka/Kyoto study abroad programs

I am currently at a community college but I plan on transferring to a university at the end of this year for a, hopefully, triple major in Physics, Classics and Japanese.

I am curious if anyone has any information on American universities that have good study abroad programs in Osaka and/or Kyoto. ^_^
Thanks in advance.