September 10th, 2009

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hello, could you please tell me, if i'm right assuming that the ad on this picture [up-right corner] is written in Georgian?

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i think the first word is ბიძ, but i'm not able to decipher the second one... thanks!

French help?

Hi, everybody. I'm working on a novel set during the Napoleonic Wars, and as some of the characters are French soldiers, I'd really like to put some actual French phrases and terms in their dialogue. I've been trying to put short phrases together using some French textbooks I have around, and I'm having a terrible time-- I'm fluent in Spanish and have a random smattering of Latin, but I can't figure out negative commands in French and I really, really, don't want to risk mangling the language any more than I've probably already done. This is what I've got so far:

Person 1: (regarding taking a traumatized acquaintance out for a drink) What for? He'll survive. --> Pourqoui? Il suvivrai.

Person 2: Don't be an idiot. He needs a drink. --> Ne sois pas idiot. Il a besoin de un verre.

Hey, over here! --> Par ici!

What's the matter with you? --> Qu'est-ce vous avez?

Is anyone there? --> Il y a quelqu'un?

Help please? (Also, if someone could tell me how to say "God, I've never been so bored," I'd really appreciate it.)


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What is the exact meaning of the word "fish" in the modern English?
Usually it is translated into Russian as "рыба" but as far as I understand "рыба" is English "fin fish"
I've noticed that many native English speakers when they say "fish" they mean any underwater inhabitants, For example, "karp, zander, other fishes including turtles and mollusks", but in many cases English speakers mean "fin fish" when they say "fish"
So, in which cases "fish" means "fin fish" and in which cases "fish" means "underwater inhabitants"

Yiddish/Hebrew terms of endearment

What are some terms of endearment in Yiddish/Hebrew? I've heard bubbeleh/bubbala, any others? I don't speak either language, so help with pronunciation would be great. They don't have to be common terms, maybe just something you've heard that you like. =P

Also, any recommendations for sites/places I can learn these languages for free? Any music/books to help?