August 26th, 2009

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Let's play Carmen Sandiego!

Hi all~

I work at a photo lab and I like to guess the location of far-off locales in the photographs as I quality check them for lines, dust, exposure, etc. This one has me stumped. The only word I pulled was "Entraia" in English, and in one of the pictures the woman is riding a camel in the desert. It seems to be tropical - I saw palm trees in other pictures too. Where could this place be?
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Different type of name query

Hi all, I'm writing a novel in which I have a minor character who is a Finnish fashion photographer born in the 1950s. Anyone familiar enough with Finnish to suggest a plausible name for him? Am open to a name that a Finn would find comically appropriate...
Aoi Yuu is Too Pretty

Japanese Fiction Writers

I am just beginning a graduate program in literary translation, and have been researching authors I might like to translate. I plan to experiment over the next semester or two with different works and authors before I decide what to do for my thesis.

So, if there are any great Japanese fiction writers out there, ones you especially enjoy and think should be brought into English (preferably someone not translated already), would you be so kind as to suggest them to me? Ideally I hope to find short stories by contemporary authors, but I'll be happy to add anyone to my list.

Thanks so much!!

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Malayalam words and phrases?

Hey, guys. I was reading a book recently that had main characters who spoke Malayalam, and there were a few Malayalam words and phrases sprinkled into the text. I could get most of the general meanings from context, but I'm really curious about what the specifics are and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Words Collapse )