August 23rd, 2009


Mirandese & Galician - mirandês e galego

Hi all-
does anyone here speak Mirandese or Galician? If so, would you be willing to speak with me or at least recommend resources to learn the language? I speak Spanish, Portuguese and some Ladino, from my grandma, and am really interested in smaller Iberian languages. I've been watching some videos in both languages, particularly this pretty song in Mirandese, but would love to be really able to understand them. If anyone would be willing to speak with me in them or point me towards any speakers I'd be particularly appreciative, but other resources are helpful too.

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Could someone, please translate Polish words from this text into English or Russian?

To: All Polish Speaking Staff
Subject: Improper Language Usage
Importance: High
It has been brought to our attention by several managers and also
officials visiting our offices that polish language is commonly used by
our polish speaking staff. Such behavior is violating our policy, is
highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and staff. All
personnel will immediately adhere to the following rules:
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This is just a small question about colloquial German. Would you ever use the word 'was' when asking the equivalent of the English expression 'what?' as when a person has misheard a statement or is in disbelief? Because I've been taught that you should use either 'Was denn?' or 'Wie bitte?'

The reason I'm asking is that I see a lot of people who barely speak German using simply 'was' to mean 'what' and I think it's wrong but I'm not sure.