August 7th, 2009


A blog from an idiot friend

The full piece is here, but what I think you'd be most interested in is the last paragraph:

As for grammar and linguistics. Talking and writing "correctly" is OK. But where is this rule book? It doesn't matter really. Point is, I'm guilty of making fun of the quentessential "hillbilly" accent and linguistic mistakes. But you know what. I feel terrible for it. That is how they interact with each other. And I think that's more important, than talking and writing the "right" way. I think sometimes mispellings, ramblings, run ons. This is the way people really wanna interact. And it's kind of sick, if we really try to regulate interaction. Sure it's not like race, sexuality, gender etc. Because our lingo is chosen and those things aren't chosen. Well I guess you can have strange surgeries to change things these days. But I do feel like lingo has a beauty in it's differences that those things have. I think the world is beautiful because it's different. Can you imagine how boring it'd be if everyone was a 6 foot tall, white, straight, male, shoe size 10, blue eyes, blond hair. That would boring as shit. That and well it'd be hard for everyone to be straight, if everyone was a male. It's beautiful when people are different looking, acting, etc. than you are. Same thing with lingo. If we all talked with perfect grammar, linguistics, and no accents. It'd be one hell of a boring world. We'd sound like robots. And that in itself it scary.

I literally have NO IDEA of where to start with this.

Translating a website into Russian

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the process of translating a website into Russian.  I have sent the translations to native speakers of Russian and many of the mistakes have been fixed, but I am sure that there are still some errors and/or awkward sentences lying about.  The Russian translations are on my journal (at the time of this posting, there are 3 translation entries - but there will likely be more very soon).  If you see something that could be fixed, please send me a message or leave a comment on the entry.

Thanks in advance!