July 15th, 2009

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A few days ago I made a post in here asking for help translating the phrase "I'm only human" into Arabic. Someone was kind enough to do so and gave me "أنا إنسان فقط". After asking here, I asked a native speaker and while he told me that that translation was correct, he said it would translate better into Arabic as "انا مجرد إنسان". So what I'm asking is, would the first one make any sense at all to a native speaker?

Yes, this is for a tattoo. Yes, this is a song lyric. And yes, I have thought about getting it done in English. But considering the circumstances for why I want the tattoo, I would prefer to get it in Arabic if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
"Three Wishes"

Wieviel verlangt man für Übersetzung?

Diese Frage wurde hier wohl schon mal gestellt, aber ich finde bei LJ Seek keine Einträge dazu.

Ich habe neulich einen Übersetzungsauftrag von der Uni angenommen. Ich sollte zwei Texte übersetzen, beide eine Seite (12pt Times New Roman in Word) Fließtext vom Deutschen ins Englische. Der formelle Stil und Fachbegriffe (bzw. ihre englischen Äquivalente) sollten in der englischen Version beibehalten werden.

Zu meiner Person: Ich spreche Englisch als Muttersprache, lerne Deutsch seit knapp vier Jahren, habe einen Bachelorabschluss aus den USA in Deutsch und wohne jetzt in Deutschland. Ich habe schon drei Übersetzungskurse (Deutsch->Englisch) belegt und habe schon professionell übersetzt, allerdings nur unter einem festen Vertrag als Studentische Hilfskraft (etwa 8 EUR pro Stunde, auch an der Uni).

Die Auftraggeber haben mir jetzt gefragt, wieviel ich dafür verlangen möchte, aber ich kenne mich da nicht aus. Ich weiß gar nicht mal, ob man pro Stunde, pro Wort oder pro Seite bezahlt wird.

Ich bin für jegliche Tipps dankbar! Danke im Voraus!

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Spanish for Kids

Can anyone recomend a good text/packet/set for kids learning Spanish? I'm tutoring a six year old with about a 300 word vocabulary. She knows days, months, family members, foods, animals etc.; I'm just looking for some good interactive stuff that will help her kind start to bring it all together. Her parents don't think she can handle learning grammar rules (not like I'd know how to teach a six year old that anyways), so I'm just trying to speak to her a lot, and am looking for something that will compliment that.

Heat as a Metaphor for Emotion

1. How common among languages is it to find heat as a metaphor for emotion, specifically sexual arousal, anger, and embarrassment?

For example, in English, you can say that you are sexually attracted to someone by saying "I am hot for [x]." When someone is aroused, you can say that they are "hot and bothered", and people having sex could be said to be getting "hot and heavy". If someone is sexually attractive, they are said to be "hot". In Spanish, you can also do this "Ella es caliente." For anger, you can say that someone is "hot under the collar". People who are angry are frequently described as feeling hot, especially in the face. Someone with a temper is said to be "hotheaded". I had some more in mind, but I seem to have forgotten them. :P Embarrassed people also feel "hot in the face".

For this, it would be helpful if you could post as many expressions in your language of choice that treat heat as a metaphor for arousal, anger, and embarrassment.

2. Is it common for languages to feature a word for 'to blush', and do these words have an added connotation of the feeler's face turning red?

It would be interesting to see how the phenomenon of blushing is treated in places where people aren't easily seen blushing (as in, they feel the heat, but other people don't see them turning red because they're too dark-skinned or whatever). So yeah, if you know the word for 'blush', please post it.

I'd like to see if it's universal among cultures for heat to be associated with passion, anger, shame, etc. I'd expect it to be so, but I'm interested in seeing specific expressions and stuff.

Many thanks in advance to those who respond. :)
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