July 8th, 2009

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Zhuyin's usefulness?

I've studied Mandarin for two years now using Pinyin as my primary way to learn how to pronounce new characters. I have, however, also turned to IPA and Wade-Giles to try to get my pronunciation to be as accurate as possible. Recently, I became interested in learning Zhuyin. Despite the fact that it's only in wide use in Taiwan, how useful is it to learn it?

some more korean help

hi everyone, i have a few more questions regarding some korean grammar/vocab.

1. i've so far come across two words for 'very' or 'really' which are 'chongmal' and 'chin'ch'a' and i wanted to know, how do you know when to use which? are there other words meaning 'really'?

2. how do you know when it's okay to omit the particles at the end of nouns (i/ga, eun/neun, eul/reul.) because of the formality levels/structure of korean, i'd be too afraid to do this, worrying that it might come across as terribly rude.

3. if pronouns are not used in Korean, like 'tongshin' for you - how do people know who is being addressed? is it all simply context?

4. what's the difference between all the various words for 'and'? I've so far come across 'kurigo' 'hado' and attaching '-do' to the end of pronouns, i think this is for saying 'me too' as in 'cho-do.'

5. is the same verb used for 'to be' and 'to have'? because i've come across the following examples: like, to say 'i am' i would use 'issoyo' but then to ask someone what they have, like when ordering a drink, i've heard you would ask 'mwo issoyo?' for asking 'what do you have?'

so i was just wondering for this clarification.

chongmal kamsahamnida =)

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What's up?


I wanted to ask how you answer the following questions correctly in Russian:

Как дела?
Как ты?
Как твои делыа?

I understand in the big scheme of things they all mean "How are you?" but I don't think you can answer them all with "хорошо" for example. Or am I wrong? Are there any more ways to ask this question? EDIT: Also, how would you reply with a "And you?" in in example?