July 4th, 2009

Korean help

Hi everyone, how would I say the following:

1. That i am a student, and that I am studying Korean?

2. That I like to learn languages?

3. How would I say that I am studying to become a psychologist, is there specific word for that or 'therapist' in Korean?

4. I'm still trying to get a better handle on the particle markers, and I must admit I find it confusing to know when to use which pair! like:

'eun/neun' and 'i/ga' um...oh, and 'eul/reul'

If anyone has any advice on how to get these straight, I would so appreciate it! Is there a set rule or pattern to follow for these, that i'm just simply not aware of?

5. Is there a word for 'chocolate' and 'vanilla'? There is a Korean bakery that sells different coffees, cakes, etc and I'd like to know how to ask for either/or variety. =)

Chongmal kamsahamnida!
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dobre dan :)
After a quite intense work trip to Montenegro the last week, which will not be the last one, I have decided to start seriously to study serbo-croatian-montenegran. Most of the people I have to interact with there do not, or only very basically, speak English or any other language I know, and I simply hate to have always to rely on somebody else to translate. The same thing happened to me 3 years ago with Romanian, which I learned in the space of a few months sufficiently to build on it during further work trips, and I have to say it has been a big satisfaction. I realize though that for learning my first Slavic language all the others I know won't be of much use (Latin, ancient Greek, German, English, Italian, French, Romanian), but I like the idea of confronting this challenge. I also did manage to pick up some "feeling" for it during this week, interesting enough, based on the Slavic words contained in Romanian, mostly. Particularly the food ordering part I had quite well gotten a hang of towards the end of the week :D (OMG the food..)

I will be starting to study on my own, that is my preferred modus operandi, and then interact with others to get some practice. So here my questions:

1)Any of you are fluent in Serbo-croatian-montenegran and want to exercise/learn any of the languages I am fluent in (see above) and are therefore interested in a language exchange?
2)What are the free internet resources for the basics? I have found this here which seems rather interesting to me, but are there others you could recommend? Particularly I'd love any German->Serbian materials, as German is my first language and I find it easiest to study another grammatically complex language from there. I am aware there are lot of commercial German-Serbian learning materials, and I will buy probably some of it sooner or later, but for the beginning I generally just build myself a "frame" of the most important grammar, which I seldom manage to do with most of the "teach yourself xxxx-language" softwares or books, including Assimil and Rosetta.
3)For later use, are any of you aware of serbo-croatian-montenegran news or other online audio resources with subtitles in other languages? I found that for Romanian, and it really helped me a lot.

Hvala puno!
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Linguistics Programs

Hi all,
I'm considering applying to grad school, and wouldn't you know it, US News doesn't have a list specifically devoted to the top 100 linguistics programs. I know that the most famous universities always have reasonably good programs no matter what the subject, but I also know I might be missing some not-as-obvious schools that happen to have stellar linguistics programs. I know Georgetown, and Stanford seems good, but Harvard seems really limited in its offerings ... Any suggestions? I'm pretty much only looking to apply in the US, though if you've got a good suggestion in another country maybe I should broaden my horizons.

I'm specifically interested in sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics with an emphasis on bilingualism, educating bilingual children, ESL, etc. (in particular, Spanish and English as the focus languages).


Learning Spanish

Could someone help me please? I would like to find some links to podcasts in spanish (spanish for beginners, something easy, slow) or some links to good webs where i can learn spanish. Thank you very much.
I have studied spanish for a few years but i studied it many years ago so i have to proceed slowly...