June 13th, 2009

learning spanish in one month?

I've started looking into immersion programs in Guatemala for learning Spanish. I want to learn Spanish so I have more opportunities in my professional field. I don't expect to be fluent anytime soon however I want/need to be able to understand Spanish speakers and be able to answer back.

I would prefer to go for 3 mos so I could get a really good handle on the language however being gone for that long presents logistical complications- mainly, I'd have to eat the rent at my current apartment for that whole time. Yes, I could try and find someone to sublet my room etc etc but that can present some problems in and of itself.

So, my question is: Do you guys think I could get passable Spanish in just one month in an immersion program in Guatemala?

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German question

Good morning, linguaphiles, a quick question for a native German speaker out there.

I'm working on translating a Swiss tax form into English from German, and I'm a bit stumped by what's meant in one place.

In the upper-left corner of the first page, I've got:

Die Steuererklärung
ist mit den Beilagen
bis zum

einzusenden an



And I'm sure it's blindingly obvious what it's for to some, but it isn't to me. Anyone?

ETA: Got the answer, thanks.
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Mandarin Sentence from 《爱的教育》

This is the first sentence of a diary entitled 《爱的教育》:

I have the first three clauses translated, but I'm having trouble on the last one. Here's how far I've gotten:
"School began today, the three months at the village fled by like a dream, 回到了这丘林的学校里来了."

What does "回到了这丘林的学校里来了" mean?