June 8th, 2009


бесплатные курсы удмуртского языка в Москве

Объединение финно-угорских народов Москвы (ОФУН) объявляет набор на бесплатные курсы удмуртского языка для всех желающих. Занятия начнутся с сентября 2009г. на базе Поликультурного центра, м.Белорусская. По всем вопросам просьба обращаться на urasinova@gmail.com
Ольга Стрелкова. ВСе дело в точках

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Cantonese pinyin help

I've not had any luck with Google, so I thought I'd come to you guys and see if anyone knew of a hanzi to Cantonese pinyin converter?  Everything I can find is Mandarin, and I'd love to be able to convert it without having to do so one character at a time.  Something like the features on the NJStar software would be ideal, for example.

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I'm currently working on my Bachelor's thesis and the topic is attitudes against the Brummie accent/dialect. I will be carrying out a survey on the topic and I would be eternally grateful if you could take some time to answer some questions for me (electronically)! You would really really help me out!

Leave your e-mail address in a comment and I'll send you the survey as soon as it's done! (comments are screened)

Yet another tiny translation request: Kazak/Qazaq

Hi there, fellow language dorks!

The same friend who emails me with snippets of French and Tuvan and Japanese and Hungarian has now added Kazak/Qazaq to the mix. So, naturally, I have a tiny phrase that I'd be ever so grateful if you could try to translate for me. It's transliterated, so I apologize for any ambiguities.

Jaqynda ko'riskenshe

I think the first word means "soon," but the second has thrown me for a loop -- I think it's a verb related to seeing, but that is highly dubious. I haven't had much success finding Kazak materials online because it's finals week. See, this is the trouble with having a friend who's a truly epic polyglot; because I'm in school, the languages accumulate more quickly than I can find tools to decipher them! ;)

Thanks very much in advance!

P.S. My name is Ben, I don't know if that helps.

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I've noticed that many smart people prefer to say and write "-z" instead of "-s", "-es" in plurals.
For example, my friend Sasha (Sashok) from San Jose, one of the smartest people I've ever known bought a huge truck with huge tires and license plate for that track "BIG TIREZ"
IS it a general trend in American English to use "-z" in plural or only smart people do it?

Isn't it funny

Sometimes it's easier to say things aloud in foreign languages than it is to say things in our native tongue. I'm talking about the ideas and/or feelings that are harder for us to hear our own selves say in our own language, yet easier to accept hearing when spoken or heard in another language. If anyone understands my train of thought, I would be most happy. :)
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Hello everyone;

Last Friday, 5 of June there was a fired in a day care in the city of Hermosillo in Mexico , and i need to collect links of the news from all over the world that are talking about the subject, so i'm asking for help to do that, (i already have most of the links from news of south america) either the news are in english, spanish, french, polish, any language, if you could give me the link to the news and the translation of the headline (in english or spanish) i would really appreciate it.