June 7th, 2009


愛 love you tu

I thought you all would enjoy this. I put it up on my friend's board because she has a ticker tape (marquee) near the top of it. I didn't use the kanji because I figured more members might get the joke if I wrote the romaji instead. "Ai love you tu" then in a pique of odd mood I wrote it out in japanese, but between not being so good with katakana and using a typing program I haven't mastered I don't think it looks right "愛ルヴユツ". So does anyone have any suggestions or would like to add another language set into it?


Hello! I have a question about the correct pronunciation of the word "pho" (as in the delicious Vietnamese noodle soup).

Most of my friends pronounce it "fuh" (as in "what the fu**?" [I know it's crude, but this was how I was taught to remember how to pronounce it, lol]).

However, I have since heard it pronounced like "faux". I live on the West Coast of the US and the first person I heard pronounce like "faux" lived on the East Coast, so initially I thought that perhaps it was just an East Coast vs. West Coast difference, but I have since heard it pronounced "faux" on the West Coast, as well.

So, in an effort to figure out the correct pronunciation, I went to wikipedia, and found this, which has a pronunciation that you can listen to, which sounds like "fa".

So now I am even more confused! I don't want to sound like a moron when I tell someone that I want to go out for pho, so I'm hoping you wonderful people can help me out! :-)

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What do you call the thing in the middle of this game board? Where do you live?

Languages other than English appreciated as well :)

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I always called it a "popper." On the Yoville game on Facebook it's a "die flipper."